“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves—and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”      

Franklin D. Roosevelt October 5, 1944

Why Vote By Mail is so Important

Voter turnout, especially among Democrats, is frequently the deciding factor in many elections.

Voters with Vote By Mail ballots actually vote.

Somehow, those who have a ballot on their dining room table are more likely to fill it out than folks who wait for Early Voting or Election Day.

Vote by Mail will help us develop strong voting habits in the Democratic electorate.

Unfortunately, President Roosevelt didn’t know that one of America’s major political parties would betray this fundamental pillar of democracy.  Instead, many Republicans willfully enacted Voter ID legislation that courts have proven to be motivated to suppress non-Republican voters.

In Charlotte County, with Vote By Mail we can securely vote from the comfort of our homes. 

This is an important and strategic opportunity to fight back against voter suppression efforts. 

RESULTS: When we make it easier to vote, more people vote.

KNOWLEDGE: Your ballot will come to your mailbox.

    • No issues with the weather, illness or other emergencies.
    • No need to schedule a trip to the polls.
    • No worries that “life will get in the way”
    • Mail ballots are the first ballots counted.

At your comfort, you can review the candidates and ballot questions with plenty of time before election day.

-You can mail your ballot.
-You can drop it off in person to select Supervisor of Election locations.
-You can bring your ballot to the polls on Election Day.

With Vote by Mail, you’ll simply have more flexibility and convenience to cast your ballot in the way that works best for you.

Understanding Vote by Mail rules

Under Florida law, all registered voters are permitted to Vote by Mail in any election.
Period. No reason necessary.

Vote by Mail ballots are mailed (by law) between four to five weeks before any given election.

Florida does not require a registered voter to be “absent” to Vote by Mail.  All voters are eligible.

The voter must be able to receive mail at the address the voter has identified in his/her Vote by Mail request.

A voter can hand deliver their “Vote by Mail” ballot to a designated polling place.

If you have obtained a “Vote by Mail” ballot, but want to vote in your precinct on Election Day, you do not need to take the absentee ballot with you to the polls.

You can track the status of your “Vote by Mail” ballot through the online voter registration lookup link atmyflorida.com/CheckVoterStatus or through the CharlotteVotes website.

Important: Vote by Mail ballots are not forwardable by the Post Office.

When we vote, we honor the sacrifices of the Americans that fought to create and defend our democracy.


Click Here to visit the Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections site for more information. 

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