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We’re eager to match you with the tasks that inspire and motivate you!

We have all sorts of needs from staffing our office, coordinating schedules & meetings, to ensuring the coffee pot stays warm and welcoming. If you'd like to pitch in at the office, see some of these jobs.

You'll help get new volunteer acclimated to our office, and help them learn some of our procedures and systems. You're a people person that likes to make everyone feel welcome!

You could be the voice of the Democratic Party whenever someone walks in or call us.

When the new volunteer comes in to ask how they can help, one of our Trainers will work with them to identify their skills, interests, and time availability. Helping get the newcomers up and running requires different training for different functions.

To coordinate schedules, maintain our general office needs, and to ensure things are running properly, we heed a head honcho or two. We need a real go-getter, because sometimes we need this person to go get stuff. Hey, you've read this far, you seem detail oriented. You'd be great for this job!

We have many roles that can help us carry the message of the party, but the organization of the message and messengers is critical. Specific DEC Officers handle traditional press inquires and PR efforts, but there are ways to help us get the message out with some of the volunteer roles listed here.

Precinct Captains serve a time honored role in our party. In addition to fostering good communications amongst registered Democrats in their Precinct, the Precinct Captains are tasked with getting out the vote for every election. The facts tell us that we need to exceed previous efforts exponentially. Democrats are notorious for skipping mid-term elections, and the stakes are high. We always want more volunteers to work in conjunction with Precinct Captains to spread the workload.

We are looking for some aggressive leaders that will help us register new Democrats. The important role is vital, and we need to reach out to every corner of Charlotte County. Our Membership Coordinators will help our neighbors learn our message, but they'll make sure we also listen and learn.

If you've got writing skills, we could use your help. We are looking for writers for the website, our monthly newsletter, ongoing correspondence and much more. If you've got the gift of prose, we're in need of lots of those. (See, we really need you).

This covers a lot of jobs because we have a lot of work that happens in the background to win elections. Many of these types of positions might suit people with specialized skills, maybe limited time, or even work from home (or the beach, we won't mind).

If you've got website skills, we could use your help. Even if you don't have a tome of experience, we could use your help: the amateur that setup this thing didn't know what he was doing when he started, so we'll take you on our learning journey if you are willing to join us.

We could always use some help in slicing and dicing the data. If you know your way around a spreadsheet, you'll come in handy. If SQL and VAN mean anything to you, we have one thisn to ask:: When can you start?

Our movement requires us to manage lots of data, and making sure the data that makes it into our systems is critical to the outcome of our efforts. If you're even just a little computer savvy, you might help in this area.

We have all sorts of needs from photography, graphic design, to sign making, mailer designs, and more. If you like to color outside the lines, that may work just great for us. We are coming on strong, and we want Charlotte County to see us in the best light possible.

We'd love some high quality photos of local landmarks, events, and our functions. We are seeking skilled photographers to capture high quality images that evoke emotion, inspire action, and create a lasting impression.

With all of the activity we have going on, we need some help collecting and producing great video that captures these moments. Volunteers that have video editing skills and love to collaborate with other can make a dynamic impact on our messaging.

You love graphic design? Well we need your skills. We're looking to coordinate outstanding graphics on our website, e-mails and printed materials. Your creative skills will be an important component to our communications team.

We are looking to assemble a website team that will make our site a destination website, a powerful resource, an inspiration for action, and a source of pride for all the volunteer here in Charlotte County. If CSS, PHP, and FTP mean anything to you, we'd like to talk ASAP.

Get Off the Sidelines!

Be a part of the movement and participate in building a better future!  Please stand with us to create thege change we seek.

  • We have tasks that will fit your interests and your schedule! Every contribution of effort is magnified by how it inspires yet another volunteer. Please let us know what interests you, and we'll contact you to see how to make you a part of the team.

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