Scott Makes It Official, Sells Out Florida’s Public Schools

photo by MrX

In response to Rick Scott signing the legislature’s disaster of an education bill, HB7069, Florida Democratic Party Communications Director Johanna Cervone issued the following statement:

“There are no words. By signing HB7069, Rick Scott and Tallahassee Republicans have declared war on our public schools. This bill is a national disgrace and was universally regarded by school boards and superintendents to be a death knell for public education. Scott and Corcoran are caricatures of themselves–crooked Tallahassee politicians cutting backroom deals and pilfering dollars from our children to ensure their corporate benefactors get funded. Scott got his slush fund, and Corcoran got millions of dollars for for-profit charter schools, but Florida’s families are left with next to nothing. Voters will remember who was responsible for this legislation–including those who were complicit in its signing, like noteworthy political coward, Adam Putnam, who tiptoes around every issue.”

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