Patricia Wunderlin of 5050 Congress, Inc. speaks to DWC


Patricia Wunderlin, President of 5050 Congress, Inc.

Women make up 51% of the population in the United States but comprise only 19% of Congress.  Many national women’s issues are decided by male-only Congressional and administrative committees. The United States ranks 101 in the percent of women serving in Congress or Parliament. Rwanda ranks first. Is that fair in a democratic society whose government is supposed to reflect the population?  Patricia A. Wunderlin, the president of 5050 Congress, Inc. doesn’t think so, and she has a plan to change those statistics.

Wunderlin was the featured speaker at the November meeting of the DWC.  In general, she advocates for more women running for and serving in governmental offices.  She points out that women are typically more cooperative, organized, and able to “get things done.” She notes that good government needs those skills, especially now.

While organizations such as Emily’s List are making some headway, the glacial progress is not fast enough.  Wunderlin points out that if we keep adding women to Congress at the current rate, it will take until the year 2345 to reach parity.  Instead, she advocates for an amendment to the Constitution requiring 50/50 representation.  Her plan is to require each state to have one male and one female senator, “grandparenting” in incumbents.  Congressional districts would be enlarged and require a representative of each gender, keeping the size of Congress the same.

For more information, Wunderlin provided the following contact information:

5050 Congress, Inc., P.O. Box 1628, Sarasota, FL  34230-1628

Phone:  941-685-1119

Patricia Wunderlin, President of 5050 Congress, Inc.



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