“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
— Helen Keller

Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee

Patrick Hurley – Chair

Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee

Patrick is an entrepreneur who seeks to energize our voters to elect leaders determined to offer everyone a fair opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

A Massachusetts native, he has executive experience in corporate finance and sales & marketing. He led successful channel sales development at a Silicon Valley VC funded startup and another Boston startup before leading his own startup, Channel Sun Solar Power Systems in Massachusetts.

As the youngest of seven children, Patrick saw the importance of social safety programs that invested in families like his. A proud graduate of public schools from Head Start, K12, Quinsigamond Community College and Stockton State College, Patrick recognizes the power and value of a quality education, especially among young families with limited means.

Residing in Placida, he currently co-manages PH Market Research LLC, a specialized market research consultancy led by his wife Pam. They maintain investment properties in Sarasota and Charlotte counties.

Betty Gissendanner – Vice Chair

Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee

Betty is a strong and dynamic leader, steadfastly organizing and activating citizens to use their vote. Although it’s been a few years since she sold her successful insurance agency in Port Charlotte, Betty’s activism, mentoring, and leadership is too immense to say she’s retired.

Raymond Miller – Treasurer

Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee

Raymond has lived in Port Charlotte for more than three decades and worked as the Finance Manager for Charlotte County Public Works until 1996. His service gave him great insight into the problems faced by the community. A proud U.S. Army veteran with an accounting degree from Rutgers University and an alumnus of John Marshall Law School, Raymond signed on as the Charlotte County DEC’s Treasurer in June 2017.

Judy Schnabel – Secretary


Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee

Judy is a fierce defender of the environment and a champion of labor unions. In her youth, Judy worked for the Indiana AFL-CIO while completing her education. Those early experiences helped shape her progressive beliefs and led her to a lifetime of supporting the Democratic Party. Now a busy retiree, Judy is active in both the Democratic Executive Committee and the Democratic Women’s Club here in Charlotte County.

Lucy Huyke Garner


Charlotte County – State Committee Member

Lucy was born and raised in Colombia, South America. She has a Ph.D. from Florida State University. She became a proud U.S. citizen in 1998. Lucy has lived in Charlotte County for 38 years and has participated in the Charlotte County Alzheimer’s Support Group, the Charlotte County Public School’s Homeless Students and Families Program, and at least a half dozen other non-profit civic organizations.

Lucy joined the local Democratic Party in 1998 and has attended National Conventions as an alternate delegate for John Kerry in 2004 and a delegate for Hillary Clinton in 2016. She and her husband, Tom, now serve as Charlotte County FDP State Committee members.

Thomas Garner


Charlotte County –
State Committee Member

Tom has lived in Florida since he was one year old. He graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s in Criminology. He has worked in Florida state government, including the Parole and Probation Commission, the Auditor General’s office, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. While with the FDLE, he investigated white-collar crime.

Tom is a proud U.S. Air Force veteran. He was spurred to become active in politics following the 2000 election in which the U.S. Supreme Court ignored the will of the people and awarded George Bush the Presidency. Since then, Tom has served as Charlotte County’s 13th Precinct Captain. In 2016, Tom was selected as a delegate to the DNC Convention. In January 2017, he and his wife, Lucy, were elected as FDP State Committee members for Charlotte County.



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