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Amendment 4 Backers to Help Pay Fines and Fees

Days after Governor DeSantis signed a bill requiring all fines and restitution be paid before voting rights are restored t former felons, the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition launched a fund to help pay off outstanding fines and fees preventing thousands from voting. Former felons can apply for funding at Returning citizens with questions can call …

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ACLU Sues Over Florida Law That Requires Felons To Pay Fees, Fines Before Voting

A group of voting rights advocates and felons has filed a lawsuit after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis approved a law that could make it more difficult for felons to vote. The new law requires felons to pay any outstanding court fines or fees before they can cast their ballots — a requirement that the American …

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Florida Democrats hammer Legislature on Amendment 4

“Republicans have made their values clear: Voting is a right for some, not all Floridians,” reads the headline on the release. “Republicans want to have a two-tiered reentry to society for those that have served their time,” said Terrie Rizzo, Florida Democratic Party chair. (Read more in

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Legislature Weakens Amendment 4

Once again the Florida Legislature has earned a reputation of gutting citizen initiatives. This time, they have ignored the 5.2 million Floridians who voted for Amendment 4. The Florida Senate passed a measure that would require repayment of financial obligations before felons’ rights could be restored. The financial obligations would be considered completed if they are …

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HB 7101: Florida Republicans’ Latest Attack on the Rights of Florida Voters

Just weeks after trying to overturn Amendment Four, Florida Republicans are backing another voter suppression bill, HB 7101, that so far has flown under the radar. The bill, which is sponsored by the former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida and passed the House Public Integrity and Ethics Committee yesterday, is another attempt to …

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Can Felons Afford to Vote?

More than 1 million felons in Florida would have their voting rights restored thanks to Amendment 4, as long as they completed “all terms of sentence including parole or probation,” according to the amendment. But some lawmakers in Tallahassee have proposed bills to define a sentence far beyond time served behind bars. (Read more in Sun)

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Subvert the will of the voter? It’s a Florida thing.

A heavy dose of skepticism greeted Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis earlier this month when he claimed that the implementation of Amendment 4 should be delayed until lawmakers can pass a bill finalizing it that he can then sign. For supporters of the ballot measure, which would restore voting rights of most felons who have served their …

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Judge: Florida’s early voting-on-campus ban shows ‘stark pattern of discrimination’

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott’s elections officials showed “a stark pattern of discrimination” in blocking early voting at state college and university campuses, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. The decision by U.S. District Judge Mark Walker is yet another voting rights defeat for the Republican governor, and could yet emerge as an issue in his …

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