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MailChimp Email Marketing Manager

Seeking web-savvy manager of our email marketing toolkits. Primary responsibilities include mastering MailChimp to enable email automation for drip marketing campaigns and volunteer onboarding educational email series. Audience interaction, email list growth, detailed list segmentations, and integrations with other software tools will define the success of this position. Skills Required -Ideally seeking one with advanced …

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Social Media Director

The Social Media Director coordinates the Charlotte Democratic Party’s message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The ideal candidate understands the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and how to develop a loyal user base among Party members and like-minded voters. The Social Media Director will help assemble a team to post …

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Google GSuite Administrator

This volunteer will manage the Google GSuite account for & Google Team Drive. Skills Required Familiar with: * Google GSuite * Google Drive and Team Drive * Google Docs * Proper backup procedures * User administration Time Commitment Two hours a month Committee / Team Leader Jim Blue / Patrick Hurley Interested? Please Apply …

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Team Communications Manager

Organize and promote internal communications systems for the Charlotte County DEC. Skills Required CCDEC currently uses Slack. Familiarity with Slack, or another internal communications tool is desired. The volunteer will: * Administer users * Provide tech support * Evangelize the technology to tech-phobic users as needed. Time Commitment 10 hours per month Committee / Team …

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Calendar Posting Manager

Maintain the online calendar account for Charlotte County Democrats. Receive emailed calendar submissions, post calendar events, and monitor for changed or canceled events. Skills Required * Knowledge of or ability to learn the TeamUp calendar software. * Ability to monitor email and post events within 24 hours. Time Commitment Less than 1 hr. per week. …

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Web Editor – Short-term Project

A Web Editor is needed to review all pages on the Charlotte County Democrats website and identify out-of-date content, errors in spelling and grammar, or opportunities to improve. The Editor will coordinate with each Committee Chair to identify opportunities to improve the content. The Editor will produce a report and assist the Webmaster to update …

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Seeking a web developer familiar with WordPress to manage the Charlotte County Democrats website. Transition and training will be available from our current webmaster who will continue to be available as a resource as long as possible. The site is currently in good shape and needs someone who can make sure it stays that way. …

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Office / Museum Designer and Decorator

We want the Charlotte County Democrats’ office space to make a powerful impression. Seeking designer to help craft a welcoming, informative, and educational space. Seek design expertise to engage office visitors with informative signage, attractive and effective workspace layout(s), and motivational ambiance. The position could be a solo effort or work as a team if …

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Info Graphics Designer

Seeking a graphics designer that can create compelling infographics from time to time. The Info Graphics designer will use creativity to simplify how we communicate sometimes complicated data. Skills Required Graphics design skills. Excellent written communications skills. Ability to investigate and use emerging tools. Need strong skills in Microsoft Office, spreadsheet analysis, and ability to …

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