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Poll: Donald Trump approval numbers have fallen further in Florida than any other state

A new survey from Morning Consult shows President Donald Trump‘s approval ratings have fallen further in Florida than any other state in the country since Trump took office in 2017. Overall, Trump’s net approval rating in Florida has dropped a total of 24 percentage points in that span. Trump earned 56 percent approval and 34 percent disapproval …

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LOOK OUT RETIREES! Trump is going after YOUR Medicare and Social Security

The $4.7 trillion budget proposal, which encompasses everything from funding for food aid, education, and health care to national defense, seeks to slash $845 billion from Medicare — a program Trump notably promised to leave untouched — $241 billion from Medicaid through major structural reforms, as well as a 9 percent cut across non-defense programs, all …

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Rep. Greg Steube questions Michael Cohen and Twitter Erupts!

Local Congressman Greg Steube – (R) FL-17 – got his five minutes in front of a national audience Wednesday afternoon while questioning former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen… and quickly shot himself in the foot. Steube asked Cohen whether there was any documented proof that Trump directed his own hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels. …

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CNN Poll: Trump approval down 6 points in a month, hits low among independents

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has fallen 6 points in the last month and stands at a new low among political independents, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS. Overall, just 36% approve of the way the President is handling his job, down from 42% in August. Among independents, the drop has been sharper… …

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Ron DeSantis-Jeanette Nuñez administration would be a disaster for Florida women and working families.

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement about the selection of Jeanette Nuñez as the GOP candidate for Lt. Governor: “DeSantis has selected a lobbyist who supports his agenda of denying health care to hundreds of thousands, destroying public schools, and taking away women’s health freedom. Nuñez has played a key role in …

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Woodward book shames Trump shills, apologists and enablers

As the details from the new Bob Woodward book, “Fear: Trump in the White House,” begin to emerge, there is trembling throughout the Republican cloakrooms in the Senate and House, throughout the White House staff and throughout the community of those who have been Trump’s most visible shills and apologists in the media. (Read more …

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Ex-supervisor in Adam Putnam’s gun-license unit warned of ‘gross misconduct’

In a 2013 whistle-blower lawsuit, the ex-employee said she was threatened with retaliation for saying workers were deficient in processing licensing applications and asserting that her bosses told her she “worked for the NRA.” (Read more in

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Florida Democrats go after Adam Putnam in digital ad highlighting background check failure

The party announced the release of a digital ad Thursday that highlights the recent stories about the Agriculture Commissioner’s office’s failure to review the results of more than a year’s worth of a federal concealed carry background checks.

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Commentators and Republicans Criticize Putnam’s Secrecy

Why did Adam Putnam keep secret the fact that his Department gave concealed carry permits to 291 individuals without a full background check? That question is still dogging Putnam a day after he held an emergency press conference to explain the scandal at the Department of Agriculture. Commentators and even Republicans are openly wondering why …

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