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Rick Scott’s Fuzzy Math

Rick Scott’s Fuzzy Math Can’t Hide the Truth: Florida Continues to Lag Behind the Nation in Education Funding.
… From education funding to wages and jobs, Florida is still suffering from the recession under Rick Scott’s tenure.

Schools Without Rules: An Orlando Sentinel Investigation

Private schools in Florida will collect nearly $1 billion in state-backed scholarships this year through a system so weakly regulated that some schools hire teachers without college degrees, hold classes in aging strip malls and falsify fire-safety and health records.

Superintendent Rocky Hanna blasts Betsy DeVos visit as ‘insulting’

“It’s obvious that the secretary and our federal government have very little respect for our traditional public school system,” Hanna said. “And it’s insulting that she’s going to visit the capital of the state of Florida, to visit a charter school, a private school and a voucher school.”

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