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The Senate Infrastructure and Security Committee is scheduled to hear SB 7030 on Tuesday, March 26th at 4 PM. This bill would allow the arming of Florida’s school teachers. Under the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program, “individuals who exclusively perform classroom duties as classroom teachers” are currently exempt from the program. SB 7030 would repeal that provision. Our teachers …

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Florida House panel approves guns for teachers

Florida House committee voted Thursday for a broad school safety bill that would expand an existing guardian program to allow classroom teachers to volunteer to carry weapons on campus if local school boards approve. The Republican-led legislation adopted 11-5 along party lines by the House Education Committee builds on a law passed after last year’s …

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Tell state lawmakers to stop the attack on Public Schools!!

Folks, SB 7070 is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Education on Tuesday, March 19 at 10 AM. This bill has a number of provisions, the most egregious of which would greatly expand taxpayer-funded school vouchers. This means that our public school funding would be sacrificed to pay for vouchers. WHAT …

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Unqualified legislator to chair House education committee

Get ready for a fight. Florida’s public education system is at stake. A chasm over education big enough to swallow a Volkswagen has opened in the Florida Legislature, and this year’s tussle over the more than $20 billion the state spends annually on schools promises to be particularly acrimonious. (Read more in

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Andrew Gillum wants to pay starting teachers $50,000. Could that ever happen in Florida?

When Valerie Chuchman moved to Florida from Wisconsin eight years ago, her new principal joked that while she was taking a significant salary cut, she would be repaid in sunshine. Unfortunately, the Riverview High School chemistry teacher said, sunshine doesn’t pay the bills. And if she’s still living paycheck to paycheck after 21 years, she …

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Support the Charlotte Schools Millage Referendum

Editor’s note: The following opinion article was written by Kim Amontree, Charlotte County School Board, District 2. The Charlotte County DEC supports passage of the referendum in the Nov. 6, 2018  Election. Taking Our Schools from Good to Great with the Yes for Success Voter Referendum   By Kim Amontree, Charlotte County School Board, District …

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Rick Scott’s Fuzzy Math

Rick Scott’s Fuzzy Math Can’t Hide the Truth: Florida Continues to Lag Behind the Nation in Education Funding.
… From education funding to wages and jobs, Florida is still suffering from the recession under Rick Scott’s tenure.

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Superintendent Rocky Hanna blasts Betsy DeVos visit as ‘insulting’

“It’s obvious that the secretary and our federal government have very little respect for our traditional public school system,” Hanna said. “And it’s insulting that she’s going to visit the capital of the state of Florida, to visit a charter school, a private school and a voucher school.”

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