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“Red Tide Rick” hides out in Punta Gorda after Disastrous Bus Tour

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s bumpy 10-day bus tour has run into a ditch in recent days. He was booed out of a restaurant in Venice. He canceled his event in Naples. And he only got a warm reception among Charlotte County Republicans because their event locked out anybody but local GOP leaders. (Read the story …

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EDITORIAL: Scott must answer for environmental malpractice

With a horrific red tide killing marine life and tourism on Florida’s southwest coast, and with toxic green algae bringing misery to the Treasure Coast and Fort Myers area on a now-annual basis, it’s understandable that Gov. Rick Scott would want to run away from his environmental record. Voters shouldn’t let him. (Read more in …

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OPINION: The real extremist running for Florida Governor

Florida has not seen anything like the epic race pitting Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum against Rep. Ron DeSantis, both aspiring to become Governor. Gillum made history by becoming the first black nominee for Governor in the history of the state after beating four other candidates, all millionaires, while running a bold and progressive campaign. DeSantis defeated Agriculture Commissioner Adam …

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EDITORIAL: Gov. Rick Scott’s Hurricane Irma response wasn’t so great

Gov. Rick Scott’s net worth is almost $250 million. Yet as he campaigns for the U.S. Senate against Sen. Bill Nelson, Scott describes himself in everyman terms. “I’ll return your phone calls,” he told supporters at a rally last month. If that pledge sounds familiar, it should. We heard it from Scott before Hurricane Irma. The governor gave out his …

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Charlotte County Democrats offer their Views Editor’s note: The following letters to the editor from local Democrats appeared recently in the Sun newspapers. Give Gillum a fair, clean run Editor: Today as I put an Andrew Gillum for Governor sticker on the back of my car, it reminds me of when I drove around Charlotte County with an Obama for …

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Why are y’all so surprised Andrew Gillum won?

Andrew Gillum’s victory in the Florida Democratic gubernatorial primary on Tuesday may have seemed like a surprise. Of the five people in the race, he was the only non-millionaire or billionaire and the only African American. He was outspent and was at the bottom of the polls through most of the campaign. In short, few gave him a shot — …

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SUN EDITORIAL: Study of water issues is needed

The following Editorial was published in the Sun newspapers Sunday, August 19th The governor could use some of the $700 million he slashed from the state’s water management districts in his first couple of years in office. That was money that would have paid for things like monitoring water quality. (Read the Editorial in the …

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FLORIDA WEEKLY Commentary: The Republican dilemma

Gov. Scott killed the Florida Forever conservation program established by Gov. Jeb Bush. In 2012, he backed off the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, claiming with fellow Republicans it would create undue burdens to business owners by enforcing clean-water standards that might have prevented or at least greatly reduced the severity of the current devastation. (Read …

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SUN EDITORIAL: Free press is essential for democracy Editor’s Note: More than 300 U.S. newspapers are running editorials today supporting press freedom to counter President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media. The Sun Newspapers are among them. Scroll down for a link to the Editorial: “In the First Amendment, the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to fulfill …

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