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Tax Bill Provision Would Clobber Seniors

The loss of this deduction would be absolutely devastating to seniors and those with disabilities,” he said. For those who — like the Hollacks — want to use their savings for their care, the loss of the deduction would mean they would run out of money sooner and find themselves on Medicaid

A Tax-Cut Bill to Make Scrooge McDuck Proud

The Republican tax proposals were bad from the get-go. But they have become steadily worse as they have been turned into bills, which seem so cartoonishly evil they could have been dreamed up by Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons.”

Frederica Wilson is no ’empty barrel,’ John Kelly

Ah, John Kelly. Did you really have to go there? Did you really have to use your gravitas as a retired general and father of a soldier killed in Afghanistan to defend President Trump’s tantrum about a phone call? (Read Editorial in Please follow, like, or share our site:

Frederica Wilson: Trump disrespected a local hero, whose death must be investigated

“I stand by my comments that the president told Myeshia that her husband ‘knew what he signed up fo’” and that his death ‘hurts anyway.’ These were highly inappropriate comments to a grieving widow, 24 years old and six months pregnant. The president can refute my account, but family members who were in the car support it.”

Editorial: Las Vegas massacre cries out for response

The issues Congress should address are well-known: Ban assault-style rifles and limit the size of magazines. Expand background checks on guns purchased in so-called private sales, such as gun shows and over the Internet. Make it more difficult for people with mental health issues to buy guns.

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