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Recent letter was plagiarized

The following letter to the editor by Charlotte County DEC member David Finster was published in the Charlotte Sun on Friday, July 13th. Editor: The letter from July 6 submitted by Thomas W. Smith of North Port was plagiarized from an online blog published by Daniel Greenfield, who is “a New York writer focusing on radical…

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Soul of nation is at stake

The following letter to the editor, written by DEC member Teresa Jenkins, was published in the Charlotte Sun on Saturday, July 14th: Editor: Leonard Pitts’ recent editorial column concluded with, “I am a liberal. Because I have, literally, no alternative.” I can empathize and this year I’ll cast my ballot for candidates who will: protect…

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Exercise freedoms, cast informed vote

The following Letter to the Editor from CCDEC Chair Patrick Hurley was published in the Charlotte Sun on July 4th Editor: With Independence Day upon us, many of the letters to the editor demonstrate the independence and freedoms we typically celebrate are increasingly replaced by fear and anger, which sadly, are intentionally provoked by craven…

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EDITORIAL: Florida should fight harder against cyber attacks on voting system

Less than three months from the primary election, it is entirely unclear whether Florida is adequately prepared to fend off any cyber attacks that could compromise the results. Sen. Marco Rubio has his doubts, the state has yet to receive millions in federal dollars to improve security and county elections supervisors acknowledge they are scared….

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EDITORIAL: Let the voters guide decision on PG height

The following editorial appeared in The Punta Gorda Herald: The decision on whether to ease the building height restriction in downtown Punta Gorda from 50 feet to 84 feet deserves voices — lots of them — and in a formal presentation. It is, in essence, a big-picture issue, one warranting an appropriate vetting. (Read the…

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR – GOP requirement: Time behind bars

Charlotte County Democratic Women’s Club Legislative Liason Teresa Jenkins wrote the following letter to the editor published Sunday in the Charlotte Sun:  Editor: Scott Rasmussen’s recent editorial column addressed how Don Blankenship, former CEO of Massey Energy sent to prison for conspiring to violate mine safety standards after an explosion killed 29 men in 2015,…

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A much better Alternative to Bottled Water

Instead of a “tax write-off” for bottled water, as suggested by a recent letter to the editor, it’s much cheaper and much more environmentally friendly to buy a filter for your faucet or use the filtered water from your refrigerator

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