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Charlotte Co. DEC Chair Patrick Hurley criticizes state GOP Position on Trump Editor’s Note: The following letter to the editor by CCDEC Chair Patrick Hurley was published in the Charlotte Sun on Wednesday, Jan. 23rd. Responsibility falls to Republicans Editor: Membership has responsibilities. Monday’s front page article stated that State Sen. Joe Gruters, the new chair of the Florida Republican Party, made clear that supporting Trump will …

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Democrats Pass Bill to Reopen the Government!

Say it loud and make it clear: the newly Democratic-controlled House approved a legislative package to reopen parts of the federal government.  The bill passed the House 241-190. And Democrats in the House approved a spending bill for the Department of Homeland Security that would not allocate any new fall funding. The bill passed 239-192, …

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Lawmaker Tries to End Monopoly-Solar Stronghold

State Democratic Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez filed a bill that would, if enacted, legalize power-purchase agreements across Florida. Florida remains one of the last four states where it is illegal for property owners to sell home-generated solar power to others, including tenants. Statute 366.02 states that most anyone who sells power in Florida is considered …

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Florida election officials prepare to register former felons

Many of Florida’s local election officials — who have been unable to get any clear instructions recently from the state — said they will start adding voters to the rolls in January even if they had been convicted of felony crimes. The state’s voters in November approved Amendment 4, which says most felons will automatically …

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Decline of Florida gas prices begins to stall as oil prices increase

The plunge of gas prices is slowing down. AAA – The Auto Club Group is reporting that prices have dropped just about 2 cents. The most expensive gas in Florida is in Panama City at $2.66 a gallon, while the least expensive gas in Florida is in Tampa bay at $2.13 a gallon. (Read more in FOX35Orlando.Com)

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Florida home insurers drop thousands

Between hurricanes and a hullabaloo over water claims, home insurers dropped the policies of more than 87,000 Floridians in the third quarter of 2018 alone, state records show. As another hurricane season ends, it’s one more reason for consumers to arm themselves with knowledge about their options. (Read more in

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44 Former Senators Urge Senate to Guard Democracy

Forty-four former U.S. senators from both parties wrote in The Washington Post, urging current Senators to become “steadfast and zealous guardians of our democracy”. It begins: Dear Senate colleagues, As former members of the U.S. Senate, Democrats and Republicans, it is our shared view that we are entering a dangerous period, and we feel an …

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A Win for Abortion-Rights Advocates

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal by two states — Kansas and Louisiana — that want to cut Medicaid funds from providers like Planned Parenthood. The decision to not hear the appeal means that the ruling by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals stands. The Appeals Court  told Kansas in …

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