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“How Fascism Works” presentation hosted by Charlotte Dems

Does the election of Donald Trump to the U. S. presidency in 2016 signify a shift in American politics? Many people seem to believe so, but they weren’t sure how to define this shift. They turned to the dictionary for help. And the word they searched was “fascism”. So many people looked up the definition …

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No Means No: The Battle of Mosiac vs DeSoto County Update

In a classic David vs Goliath battle, mining giant Mosaic has made it clear that it won’t take “no” for an answer regarding its quest to establish large-scale phosphate mining operations in DeSoto County. It is currently pursuing a quasi-judicial dispute resolution mediation process with the DeSoto Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), and BOCC legal …

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Monday, April 8, 4pm, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear SB 7086, that would undermine the implementation of Amendment 4. Call or email the Committee Chair and/or Vice Chair and say:” My name is _______ and I am a voter in Charlotte County. I am opposed to any bill that would undermine what the nearly 65% of …

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Speaker Oliva Silenced the Voices of Parkland Survivors

Speaker Jose Oliva on Wednesday abruptly delayed a hearing on House Bill 7093 — which would arm teachers — after over a hundred Parkland survivors, students, and gun control advocates stormed the State Capitol to protest the bill. In response to the Speaker’s cowardly decision to hear the bill on another date, Florida Democratic Party Chair …

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Legislative Activity – Week of March 18

Bills we are watching in the Florida House: HB 1335 would amend Florida’s statute to require that teenagers who don’t get permission from their parents/guardian to get an abortion would have to plead their case before a judge. The bill was approved in the Health Quality Subcommittee; it is now in the Judiciary Committee. HB 7089 …

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Take Action Today – Amendment 4 Is Under Attack

The issue: Last November, years of tireless work paid off when Amendment 4 restored voting rights to 1.4 million Returning Citizens in Florida. Now, those voting rights may be in danger. The House Criminal Justice Subcommittee in the Florida state legislature has voted to approve PCB CJR 19-03, today. It’s an unconstitutional overreach and would …

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Legislative Highlights Week of March 11, 2019

From Your Charlotte County Democratic Party’s Legislative Liaison Committee   Education • SB 7030/HB 7075 School Choice (General Bill by Senate Education Committee/Rep. Jennifer Sullivan) Passage of this bill will greatly expand school vouchers and directs general revenue dollars to private and religious schools reducing general revenue for public schools. It is unconstitutional. We oppose …

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Poll: More Americans see Democratic positions on climate, health care, abortion as ‘in the mainstream’

More Americans see the Democratic Party’s positions on climate change, health care, abortion and immigration as being “in the mainstream” than the Republican Party’s positions on those issues, a new poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal finds. And on fiscal issues like taxes and spending, a similar share of Americans — about half — …

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DEC Legislative Committee Holds Its First Meeting

By Teresa Jenkins, Legislative Liaison Committee Chair The Legislative Liaison Committee held its first meeting on February 13. The meeting was deemed, “the calm before the storm,” as Florida’s 60-day legislative session will begin on March 5. Interim committee weeks are about to end and we’ll get the show on the road! DEC members are …

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