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Florida Democrats blast ICE raids: ‘It’s a war against immigrants’

“Those of us who have lived through dictatorships understand what it’s like to live under constant fear, we understand what it means to be disappeared,” said Democratic Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. “In South Florida, we always prepare for storms. We know when a storm is coming, we help each other out, we have a plan and …

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Candlelight vigil in Punta Gorda to demand Freedom for Immigrant Children

On July 12, over 50 people attended Lights for Liberty sponsored by Indivisible Action SW Florida. The event was held at the United Congregational Church in Punta Gorda. Those in attendance called attention to the treatment of immigrant children in detention centers. The vigil resulted from reports of standing-room-only cells, infants going without diapers, and …

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Child detention is big business in the Trump administration

You’ve heard the phrase “follow the money.” It turns out that when it comes to child detention, the money trail is a foul one indeed. Companies and lobbyists stand to benefit. A number of companies have won lucrative contracts with the federal government to operate child detention shelters including the   Office of Refugee Resettlement …

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Speaker Pelosi urges Dems to help counter Trump’s planned ICE raids

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday warned her caucus about President Donald Trump’s planned immigration raids this weekend, urging members to spread information about undocumented immigrants’ legal rights. Those mass arrests, first reported by The New York Times, are expected to begin Sunday in nearly a dozen metro areas. (Read more in

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Our government sanctions child abuse Editor’s Note: The following letter by Charlotte Democratic Party Vice-Chair Teresa Jenkins was published in the Sun on Monday, July 1st.   Editor: Jana Lipman’s article comparing the Obama and Trump administration’s detainment of migrant children inadequately addressed the parallels. Trump’s latest plan, to house undocumented children at a Japanese-American internment camp from World …

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Charlotte Co. Hispanic Caucus Chair Vielka Wambold quoted in Washington Post on Homestead Camp

“What I would tell the Democrats is, you can’t expect people to show up for you if you, yourself, don’t show up,” Wambold said. “And what I tell my Latino brothers and sisters is if we don’t come to the table, we don’t have a voice. That means voting. So everything comes right down to …

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Vigil for Immigrant Children 7/12/2019

Join your Democratic friends and neighbors for a “Lights for Liberty” event that seeks the reunification of separated families and the humane treatment of children seeking asylum. The event will be held on July 12 from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. at the Congregational United Church, 1201 Aqui Esta, Punta Gorda. The U.S. government under this administration …

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Know Your Rights During ICE Raids

The administration has, for now, reversed its directive for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to start massive arrests of migrant families that have received deportation orders.  Yet, this administration seems bound and determined to carry out these roundups in Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Denver, Houston, LA, Miami, New Orleans, NYC, San Francisco, DC, and Newark. While, thankfully, …

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South Florida immigration controversy underscores chaos of Trump’s border policy

As South Florida’s sheriffs and mayors prepared Friday for a looming immigration crisis manufactured by the federal government, U.S. Customs and Border Protection moved to downplay the possibility that planes filled with border-crossing families will begin touching down soon in Broward and Palm Beach counties. (Read more in

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