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South Florida immigration controversy underscores chaos of Trump’s border policy

As South Florida’s sheriffs and mayors prepared Friday for a looming immigration crisis manufactured by the federal government, U.S. Customs and Border Protection moved to downplay the possibility that planes filled with border-crossing families will begin touching down soon in Broward and Palm Beach counties. (Read more in

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The Homestead Mother’s March: A Reflection of who we are and what we affirm

Editor’s Note: The following report was written by Charlotte County Democrat Judith Fincher, who joined in the Mother’s Day march at the Homestead Detention Facility for young immigrants in Homestead Florida. Photos are courtesy of Judith Fincher and Al Crespo. The motto of the United States is e plu·ri·bus u·num, meaning “Out of Many, One. …

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Administration To Release Hundreds Of Migrants To South Florida, Local Officials Say

The Trump administration plans to release hundreds of asylum-seeking migrants detained at the southern border to both Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida every month, according to local officials who say they have been informed by the federal government. “Hundreds of immigrants will be arriving in Broward County on a weekly basis without designated …

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3 House members demand investigation into Homestead detention center no-bid deal

Three members of Congress from Florida are calling for an investigation into a no-bid, $341 million contract recently awarded to the company that runs the Homestead detention center for migrant children. The award came as Gen. John Kelly, President Donald Trump’s former chief of staff, was joining the advisory board of the operator’s parent company. Kelly advocated …

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Locals join march to end child detention

Vielka Wambold of the Charlotte County Democratic Hispanic Caucus organized locals for the cause, which consisted of members of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Charlotte County, Englewood Indivisibles and unaffiliated residents. (Read more in Sun) (Read more in

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Vigil in Homestead-Miami Detention Center to support Migrant children

Charlotte County Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida joins two local groups to participate in a Mother’s Day vigil at the Homestead Detention Center for migrant children. The other groups are the Immigration Justice Committee – Universalist Unitarian Fellowship of Charlotte County and the Immigration Action Group – SWFL Indivisible. Local participation is being organized by …

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Business voices slam so-called ‘Sanctuary Cities’ ban

A sizable group of prominent Florida business owners joined the chorus of opposition for a so-called “Sanctuary Cities” ban. The letter (available here) was released today by and signed by 44 business and community leaders and says Florida needs immigrants in its workforce. (Read more in

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Nikki Fried: SB 168 is dangerous for immigrant communities

The article below was posted by Commissioner Fried on April 17, 2019 It’s no secret that I don’t look like, sound like, or walk in the same boots as Florida’s previous Commissioners of Agriculture. As the first woman elected to this position, and as a Democrat of Jewish faith, I grew up in urban South …

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Anti-Immigrant Bills SB 168 and HB 527 Would Be a Disaster for Florida’s Businesses and Economy

This week, the anti-immigrant bill SB 168 sponsored by Republican Senator and Florida GOP Chair Joe Gruters, and the companion bill HB 527, were approved in party-line committee votes and are now headed to the House and Senate floor. In recent weeks, a broad coalition of business leaders, advocates, law enforcement, and elected officials have …

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The ACLU Is Advising People Against Going to Florida. Here’s Why

Florida is widely known for its beaches, temperate weather, and park attractions. Unfortunately, thanks to some recent, startling news, it’s being recognized for something else: as an unsafe place for some people. Last week, multiple immigrant and civil rights groups, including The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Florida Immigrant Coalition, released a travel advisory …

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