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Democrats say Trump is denying reality by disputing Puerto Rico hurricane death count

The president’s denial of the death count altogether, claiming the other party inflated the figure to smear him, has elicited outrage from Democrats. The estimate of 2,975 excess deaths from September 2017 to February 2018 was reached by George Washington University researchers in an independent study, and its findings were adopted by Puerto Rico’s governor. The president’s denials …

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Members of Congress want a federal audit of the official Puerto Rico death toll

“It would be morally reprehensible to intentionally underreport the true death toll to portray relief efforts as more successful than they are. If, on the contrary, this information has benignly been muddled due to a lack of capacity on the island, then the federal government must work hand-in-hand with Puerto Rico’s government to provide a clearer assessment.”

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Puerto Ricans are a surging, outraged political force in Florida in the aftermath of Maria

Trump won Florida by fewer than 120,000 votes last year, aided more than past Republican candidates by non-Hispanic white voters. A boost of enthusiasm among Puerto Ricans — and a surge in their numbers, propelled by Maria — could alter that math in next year’s midterm elections and beyond.

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Florida Democrats return from aid trip to Puerto Rico ‘in tears’

“We saw houses that were blown to smithereens. We passed by countryside where trees had fallen and a mattress was embedded into power lines, dangling from the air,” she said. “We saw power lines foisted with two-by-fours by neighbors so that the road was passable. This is two weeks later!”

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Democrats Call on Gov. Scott to set up Relief Centers to Assist Puerto Rican Evacuees

The lawmakers are urging the governor to work with the federal government to set up the relief centers. The centers would provide Puerto Ricans who have lost everything with one-stop access to various types of services ranging from housing, job training, school enrollment and disaster relief.

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‘Where the hell is the cavalry?’ – Florida lawmakers call on military to engage more in Puerto Rico

Sen. Bill Nelson: 

“There is a crisis in Puerto Rico where food, fuel, water and medicine is sitting at the docks and not getting out to the remote parts of the island,” Nelson said. “The situation calls for an immediate response by the U.S. military to provide security and distribution to these remote areas.”

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