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Bill Nelson’s new ad: ‘The governor was actually doing the price gouging’

Rarely in Florida politics has a news story morphed into a TV ad so fast.
Sen. Bill Nelson is out with a new digital ad that claims Gov. Rick Scott dramatically escalated the cleanup costs from Hurricane Irma by handing an emergency contract to an inexperienced company…

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Exclusive: Debris Debacle In Keys After Gov. Scott Issues Emergency DOT Contract

The emergency contract, uncovered by CBS4 News, dramatically raises the cost of cleaning up the Florida Keys. And it came at a time when Governor Scott was publicly claiming his Administration was holding the line on costs and demanding debris removal firms not raise their rates.

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Bill Nelson relates his and Marco Rubio’s Irma trek, cites climate change

Nelson cited the hurricanes, including Hurricane Harvey that struck Texas, hailstorms in Texas damaging military aircraft, coastal erosion in Florida and Alaska, threatening early-warning radar in Alaska, wildfires in the west, flooding of a logistics rail in Louisiana, and military warehouses in Virginia

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