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Nikki Fried: Where does Florida go on gun policy? Here’s where I’m starting

We are Democrats. We are Republicans. We are Floridians. We are Americans. And despite our differences, here is the truth. No one wants this kind of violence darkening their doorstep. No elected official wants this happening in their community, to their constituents. Hardened NRA devotees and fervent anti-gun activists alike — no one wants this …

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Charlotte County Democrats vote for Gun Safety and Violence Prevention

The Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee, the official arm of the Democratic Party in Charlotte County voted unanimously Monday evening in favor of two resolutions: 1 — Supporting sensible gun safety laws. 2 — Supporting a comprehensive gun violence prevention plan. Here are the texts of the two resolutions. GUN SAFETY RESOLUTION WHEREAS, the number …

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Gun contributions to Dist. 17 Rep. Steube and Senator Rubio total nearly a Quarter Million Dollars

According to data from the watchdog group OpenSecrets. org, contributions to local Congressman Greg Steube and Florida Senator Marco Rubio from the gun rights industry total almost a quarter-million dollars. To be fair, Steube’s gun receipts during his first term (he was elected in 2016) total a mere $5,000 compared to Rubio’s whopping $243,179. And …

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DEC Vice-Chair Speaks Out about Recent Mass Shootings

  On this sickening day when two mass shootings have happened in our country, I find it important to remind myself that mass shootings happen almost nowhere else but in the United States. We cannot become normalized to the regular pace of massive, execution-style killings. These horrific events are exclusive to the United States. So …

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Florida Attorney General Isn’t Fighting for Floridians, She is Fighting to Keep Her A- Rating with the NRA

On July 29, the Sun Sentinel reported that Attorney General Ashley Moody filed in court to block Ban Assault Weapons Now’s ballot initiative from the 2020 ballot. Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, called Moody’s actions outrageous: “Attorney General Ashley Moody is attempting to stop voters from being able to vote to protect their families. Floridians are …

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Florida Lawmaker Warns That Arming Teachers Puts African-American Students at Risk

The outcome of the vote in the Florida State House this week was a foregone conclusion: A proposal to allow teachers to carry firearms in school would easily win approval. But that did not mean the debate would not be long and emotional, as Democrats implored Republicans in the majority to consider the possible risks …

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The FL House Voted to Put More Guns in Our Schools and Put Our Students at Greater Risk

The Florida House of Representatives has passed on a party-line vote SB 7030, a bill that would allow the arming of teachers in schools. The House vote happened one day after news outlets reported that a school resource officer’s gun accidentally went off at Weightman Middle School in Wesley Chapel. The bill is now headed …

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Ban Assault Weapons NOW

This weekend there was another senseless attack, this time at a synagogue in California, with the weapon of terrorist choice, the AR-15. There is NO reason why this weapon is available for any purpose other than mass attacks. But our Florida legislature is controlled by special interests who will do everything in their power to …

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Armed Teachers in Florida: Irresponsible

The Florida Senate has moved forward with school security legislation (SB 7030) that includes a provision that would allow classroom teachers to carry weapons. For years, the leading champion for arming teachers was U.S. Rep. Greg Steube, a staunch guns right advocate. He sponsored a bill three years in a row when he was a …

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Speaker Oliva Silenced the Voices of Parkland Survivors

Speaker Jose Oliva on Wednesday abruptly delayed a hearing on House Bill 7093 — which would arm teachers — after over a hundred Parkland survivors, students, and gun control advocates stormed the State Capitol to protest the bill. In response to the Speaker’s cowardly decision to hear the bill on another date, Florida Democratic Party Chair …

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