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Expert Explains why the Gulf Coast gets Red Tide while the East Coast (mostly) doesn’t

On Tuesday, May 14th the Charlotte County Democrat Environmental Caucus hosted Andy Mele, a member of the Suncoast Waterkeepers. Andy’s presentation, attended by over 30 people, titled “The Phosphate Factor in Red Tide” summarized his thoughts on why Florida’s west coast ecosystem is hit by Red Tide but the east coast ecosystem remains mostly unaffected. …

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Forum Tuesday: The Phosphate Factor in Red Tide

The Phosphate Factor in Red Tide: Why the Gulf Coast Gets Red Tide, and the East Coast (mostly) Doesn’t. TUESDAY, MAY 14 @ 7:00PM   Andy Mele serves as the Suncoast Waterkeeper, monitoring an area in Southwest Florida that includes the coastal areas of Manatee, Sarasota, and Northern Charlotte Counties. That position establishes him as …

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Trump wants to auction off Florida’s shores and destroy our economy

On April 10, Politico reported officials in the Trump administration are “on the cusp” of approving a plan drawn up by oil and natural gas lobbyists to open up Florida’s beautiful shores to major industrial drilling. The proposal would allow Florida’s offshore oil and natural gas drilling, putting the local tourism economy and the environment in peril. According …

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Florida Department of Health emails show agency struggled to manage algae crisis

With toxic algae fouling Southwest Florida’s inland waterways and coastline last year, state health officials faced a flood of worried questions as people turned to them for crisis leadership. Some were specific: Were Caloosahatchee blue crabs safe to eat? Was it dangerous to breathe near the algae-choked canals? How about swimming in the Gulf? (Read more in …

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ACTION ALERT: A Bill that could subvert efforts to block Mosaic mining

  SB 1720 related to the Bert Harris Act, would place sweeping new limits on planning and growth management.  It is up for consideration by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, April 8 at 4:00 p.m.  More details and who to contact are included below. Harris Act Bill (SB 1720) Call to Action — Calls needed …

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EDITORIAL: Trump whiffed big opportunity during Lake Okeechobee visit

President Trump got another $2 million last weekend. The Everglades is still waiting. Before hosting a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago, the president visited Lake Okeechobee and the lakefront town of Canal Point. Assembled Republicans wanted to hear him talk about the lake and water quality. Mostly, they hoped to hear him say he would increase his proposed Everglades budget …

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Mosaic Mining enters into Mediation with DeSoto County

Editor’s Note: Charlotte County Democratic Environmental Caucus member Karen McCague attended the Wednesday, April 3rd meeting of the Desoto County Board of Commissioners as it considered the appeal by Mosaic Mining of the Commissioners’ denial of a rezoning for farmland to enable phosphate mining. Here are Karen’s notes from the meeting:    DeSoto County legal …

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Mosaic gets 4-year delay in DeSoto

The future for phosphate mining in DeSoto County is a little clearer now. Following a dispute resolution hearing on Wednesday, here’s what’s been decided: Mosaic Fertilizer will delay its mine permit plans in DeSoto for at least four years, and that’s if market conditions and other factors line up in the Fortune 500 firm’s favor. …

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Florida Democrats blast Trump on Everglades funding ahead of Lake Okeechobee visit

Democrats in Florida’s congressional delegation blasted President Donald Trump and the White House’s recommendations for Everglades funding during a call with media Thursday, one day before the president plans to visit Lake Okeechobee to tout Everglades projects.  South Florida Reps. Ted Deutch, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell and Donna Shalala spoke to reporters during a call set up by …

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