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Column: It’s time to rein in Florida’s phosphate strip mining

Florida is starting to wake up to its massive phosphate mining problem. Phosphate mining has not only scarred the face of Florida but created the perpetual threat of contaminated water being released into the Floridan Aquifer, which provides drinking water to millions of people. Late last week broke the news that a massive sinkhole had …

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OPINION: Florida gives sugar company sweet deal after midterm done

The biggest voting outrage story last week in Florida was not Tuesday’s midterm election. And Gov. Rick Scott, who has been carrying on for days about his imaginary victimhood in South Florida voting, is actually better cast as a perp in a consequential, South Florida vote that has been buried by the news of the …

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Scott promised to be the greenest governor, but wound up labeled ‘Red Tide Rick’

The last time Gov. Rick Scott ran for office, when he was seeking re-election in 2014, he vowed to be the greenest governor Florida has ever seen. “Florida’s natural beauty is a big reason why this is the best state in the country to call home,” he said. But his campaign for the U.S. Senate …

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Letter to the Editor: Scott, DeSantis bad for environment Editor’s note: The following Letter to the Editor by Charlotte Democratic Environmental Caucus member Mary Lundeberg was published in the Charlotte Sun, Saturday, Oct. 27 Editor: Red Tide Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis have had a recent environmental conversion during this election year. Can we believe their campaign promises? Not if actions speak louder …

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Editorial: Record shows DeSantis is no conservationist

As he runs for Florida governor, Ron DeSantis has styled himself as a “Teddy Roosevelt conservationist.” His voting record tells a different story. As a member of Congress, DeSantis voted to roll back protections for public lands, slash environmental safeguards and undermine scientific integrity in the development of regulations. The League of Conservation Voters gave …

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Environmental group spends big on Andrew Gillum pitch

The political arm of Florida Conservation Voters is spending nearly $500,000 on digital advertising to back Andrew Gillum, the Democratic option for Governor this fall. The news comes a week after Gillum’s Republican opponent Ron DeSantis scored a coveted endorsement from the Everglades Trust — support that could convince undecided voters that DeSantis is the better candidate for Florida’s environment. (Read more …

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OPINION: Turning the Toxic Tide: Florida is at historic crossroads; its leaders must act decisively

 As they have for decades, the real estate brochures and tourism campaigns continue to tout Florida as a sun-kissed Shangri-la, blessed with clear blue waters and pristine beaches that look like paradise. Those of us who live here know paradise is in trouble. (Read Editorial in

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How Red and Green Slime (Really) Could Swing Florida’s Senate Race

John Moran is a Florida nature photographer, but lately, he sees himself as a Florida crime photographer. The crime, he likes to say, is the slime. “Scott has been so terrible on these issues, he’s really promoted the cause of environmental awareness in Florida,” says Moran, whose more serious work on the devastation is on …

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Trump blames Democrat Bill Nelson for ‘no help’ on toxic algae — right before he voted to help

Trump claimed the three-term incumbent Democratic senator has done nothing to stop the state’s algae problems… …But just one day later, on Wednesday, Nelson and nearly every other senator passed legislation authorizing $6.1 billion in spending on new and existing Army Corps of Engineers water infrastructure projects. (Read more in

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Red tide spreads to Florida’s east coast, shuttering some Miami-Dade beaches

The red tide bloom that’s been in the waters off Florida’s Gulf coast for months is now choking the Atlantic Ocean waters from Miami Beach to Palm Beach, Florida. Three generations of the Claus family have been fishing the Atlantic waters in southeastern Florida. Trey Claus, 30, has never seen anything like this; he said …

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