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Welcome to Babcock Ranch, the Sunshine State’s first solar-powered town

In a state whose government is known for lax pollution controls and an aversion to even mentioning climate change, Babcock Ranch is a groundbreaking concept that residents say they hope will catch on in other parts of Florida. (Read more in

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Image Credits: Photo for the Washington Post by Eve Edelheit
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EDITORIAL: At last, Tallahassee is talking about sea-level rise

Every journey of a thousand miles, the adage goes, begins with a single step. Last week, a state Senate committee took a small step toward protecting our region against the devastation that can be foreseen as the sea keeps rising. Voting 5-0, Republicans and Democrats on the Environment and Natural Resources Committee together passed Senate Bill …

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Miami Beach tries to outrace climate change’s rising seas

Harold Wanless sits on a bench in Maurice Gibb Memorial Park beside a new concrete sea wall, the sound of hammers and drills emanating from Belle Isle across a cloudy, turquoise inlet of Biscayne Bay. Knowing what he does about how fast the water surrounding these porous barrier islands is rising, Wanless, director of the …

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Father and daughter want plastic bags banned in Lee County

A father and daughter are working to convince a commissioner board to approve a local project to protect the environment. Ella Thiele and DJ Thiele started a grassroots campaign to ban plastic bags across Lee County. “We live here; we play here; we work here, and it’s time to make a change,” DJ said. “I …

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Climate activists hope to put issue back on Florida’s agenda

Every day someone asks Jose Javier Rodriguez about his footwear. The state senator from Miami wears suits to work like most male lawmakers, but he pairs them with black rain boots with #ActOnClimate written on them in big white letters. (Read more in Climate strikes: U.S. students skipping school as part of global action …

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Florida: Tell Gov. DeSantis to End New Phosphate Mining

The Florida we know and love is wild as can be — but there’s a toxic legacy that’s threatening to overtake our state, and we need your help to stop it. Florida is now the capital of U.S. phosphate mining, and it’s killing our air, water, and wildlife. Using the form on this page, sign …

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FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo on Ron DeSantis’s Decision to Allow Oil Drilling in the Everglades

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement on the DeSantis administration’s decision not to appeal a court ruling allowing the expansion of oil drilling in the Everglades: “Ron DeSantis today endangered the drinking water of millions of Floridians by allowing oil drilling in the Everglades. From this day forward, DeSantis will now …

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‘March Against Mosaic’ held against company strip-mining in Florida WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida After both blue-green algae and red tide plagued Southwest Florida for much of last summer, conditions have improved, but the protests for clean water continue. On Saturday, more than 60 people turned out in Punta Gorda for the March Against Mosaic, a movement against …

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As Red Tide returns to Florida coast, government shutdown affects some efforts to track it.

The Red Tide algae bloom that floated away from shore around Thanksgiving has popped back up near the beaches of Sarasota and Manatee counties, but scientists say the federal government shutdown is making it harder to track where the toxic algae is and where it might go next. Because of the shutdown, federal scientists who …

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Homeowners in this new hurricane-proof neighborhood will live a carbon-free, high-tech lifestyle

The community of homes, named ‘Hunters Point — Pearl Homes Community and Marina,’ is the first community designed to help decarbonize Manatee County near Sarasota, Florida, and surrounding regions of Florida by making green living affordable to a broader market. (Read more in

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