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Florida, Florida, Florida

  by Larry Kuranowicz, Voter Outreach Looking back at the fateful words of the late Tim Russert, on a night in 2000 when many of us went to bed thinking Al Gore was going to be the next President, only to wake and find out it was not to be. Once again in 2020, Florida …

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YES, You Should Run!

  Your neighbors need you. Florida needs you. Our country needs you. The future of our democracy and the planet are on the ballot in 2020. Our government is only as good as the people we elect to run it, and we’re in pretty sad shape right now. Too many good people won’t run for …

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¿Hablas Español?

A wish for some last year might become a reality this election season. A request was filed Friday in federal court seeking a preliminary injunction to require Spanish-language ballots and election materials in 32 counties, including Sarasota and Charlotte. (Read more in Sun)

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Florida agreed to let felons vote. Now Republicans are trying to limit who is eligible.

When an overwhelming majority of Floridians voted in November to restore voting rights for as many as 1.4 million felons, liberals and conservatives alike celebrated the largest expansion of voting eligibility in the country since the elimination of poll taxes and literacy tests in the 1960s. The bipartisan cheering waned this month when Republican state lawmakers …

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Young Parkland voters’ ballots were rejected at much higher rate than state average

About 1 in 7 mail-in ballots submitted by college-age voters in Parkland were rejected or failed to arrive in time to be counted, according to an analysis. The findings are adding to questions about the reliability and fairness of the Florida electoral system, including its ballot signature requirement that became a flashpoint in the November recount between …

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Andrew Gillum Plans to Sign Up 1 Million New Florida Voters

Andrew Gillum is launching a massive voter registration effort aimed at ensuring that President Trump doesn’t win Florida again in 2020 and to give Democrats a decisive edge in a state where elections are often 50-50 splits. The 39-year-old Democrat and former Tallahassee mayor plans to use the list of supporters and volunteers he amassed in …

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Court rules Florida ‘disenfranchised’ voters by rejecting mail-in ballots for signature mismatches

TALLAHASSEE — Upholding a judge’s decision that sided with former U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and national Democrats, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday ruled that a Florida law requiring voters’ signatures on mail-in ballots to match the signatures on file with elections officials imposes “a serious burden on the right to vote.” …

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Former Felons Can Register to Vote on January 8, 2019

January 8 is a historic day in Florida. Amendment 4, passed by voters in November 2018, restores the right to vote for as many as 1.4 million former felons. Under Florida’s Constitution, it goes into effect on Tuesday, January 8. Before the amendment passed, those who served their time could apply for clemency to a …

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Florida Republicans’ turnout beat Democrats — except among young voters

In Tampa Bay, 67.5 percent of Republicans turned out for the midterm election, beating Democrats by about 6 percentage points, according to data released this week by the Florida Division of Elections. Democrats’ turnout rate in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties was 61.2 percent. Only 43.4 percent of unaffiliated voters cast ballots. (Read more in …

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Florida GOP governor taps the brakes on restoring voting rights for ex-cons

Florida Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis, a Republican, is slow-walking the implementation of a voter-approved initiative to restore the voting rights of the majority of the state’s felons who have completed their sentences. The initiative, Amendment 4, was approved by 65 percent of Floridians last month and would restore the voting rights of 1.5 million Floridians. (See more …

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