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Former Felons Can Register to Vote on January 8, 2019

January 8 is a historic day in Florida. Amendment 4, passed by voters in November 2018, restores the right to vote for as many as 1.4 million former felons. Under Florida’s Constitution, it goes into effect on Tuesday, January 8. Before the amendment passed, those who served their time could apply for clemency to a …

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Florida Republicans’ turnout beat Democrats — except among young voters

In Tampa Bay, 67.5 percent of Republicans turned out for the midterm election, beating Democrats by about 6 percentage points, according to data released this week by the Florida Division of Elections. Democrats’ turnout rate in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties was 61.2 percent. Only 43.4 percent of unaffiliated voters cast ballots. (Read more in …

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Florida GOP governor taps the brakes on restoring voting rights for ex-cons

Florida Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis, a Republican, is slow-walking the implementation of a voter-approved initiative to restore the voting rights of the majority of the state’s felons who have completed their sentences. The initiative, Amendment 4, was approved by 65 percent of Floridians last month and would restore the voting rights of 1.5 million Floridians. (See more …

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Vote-by-mail scandal in North Carolina exposes Florida’s lax laws

Most everywhere in Florida, it’s not illegal to collect ballots, like it is in North Carolina, where it’s a felony. Rather, it’s only illegal to pay someone to collect ballots in Florida, a loophole that allows campaign volunteers and even candidates themselves to go door to door collecting voters’ ballots. (Read more in

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Thousands of mailed ballots in Florida were not counted

Florida officials say thousands of mailed ballots were not counted because they were delivered too late to state election offices. The Department of State late last week informed a federal judge that 6,670 ballots were mailed ahead of the Nov. 6 election but were not counted because they were not received by Election Day. The …

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1.4 million ex-felons get their voting rights back, but Democrats shouldn’t count on them swinging Florida

On Jan. 8, David Ayala and thousands of former felons will be able to walk into their county elections office and do something they had been banned by law from doing before – register to vote. “This moment is a lifetime moment for me,” said Ayala, husband of Orange-Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala whose first felony drug …

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Nikki Fried announces full transition team, job openings on new website

At the end of election day in November, it appeared that Democrat Nicole “Nikki:” Fried had lost to Republican Matt Caldwell for the Florida Cabinet post of agriculture commissioner. But after late vote tallies in Broward and other counties showed she was actually ahead, Fried claimed victory and started working on a transition. (Read more …

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Democrats won House popular vote by largest midterm margin since Watergate

Not since the Watergate scandal have Democrats run up such a large margin of victory in midterm House races, NBC News data showed. With votes continuing to be tallied more than two weeks after Election Day, Democrats hold a lead over Republicans in the House popular vote by more than 8.6 million votes. (Read more …

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Florida’s Bill Nelson would have likely beat Rick Scott if ex-felons had been able to vote

Over the weekend, the recount in Florida’s Senate race ended. Republican Rick Scott, who’s currently the governor of Florida, beat Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson by a mere 10,033 votes — a razor-thin margin in an election where more than 8.1 million votes were counted. But if people with felony records could have voted in the state this …

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