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Caldwell concedes, blames Broward’s ‘abject failures’ for loss

Florida’s last statewide race to be called is over. After grueling machine and manual recounts for the razor-thin race, Nicole “Nikki” Fried emerged victorious in the contest to replace term-limited Adam Putnam by just 6,753 votes — a margin of .08 percent. (Read more in

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Nearly 3,000 Votes Disappeared From Florida’s Recount. That’s Not Supposed to Happen

Nearly 3,000 votes effectively disappeared during the machine recount of Florida’s midterm races, according to election records, calling into question whether officials relied on a flawed process to settle the outcome of three statewide contests. (Read more in

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Sign Here: Why Elections Officials Struggle To Match Voters’ Signatures

It used to be you’d sign on the bottom line, whether it was a check, or a credit card receipt, or even a love letter. But the art of the signature has become less important and less practiced, and that has meant less certainty for elections officials in several states who are still counting votes …

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Do you know if your mail-in vote counted?

Voters have until 5 p.m. today to “cure” a mismatched signature on their ballot with the supervisor of elections offices in Charlotte and Sarasota counties. There won’t be a courtesy call, though. It’s up to you to check if your vote counted, or if it needs to be fixed.  (Read more in Sun)

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Florida’s Senate Race Heads to the Wire in a Manual Recount

After a chaotic statewide machine recount left a high-profile Senate race still undecided, Florida on Friday set out in earnest on a manual recount of ballots cast in the midterm election, a daunting effort to examine problem ballots that must completed by Sunday. Election workers in the state’s 67 counties were examining tens of thousands …

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2018 Manual Recount Completed

The manual recount of the 2018 General Election in Charlotte County was completed mid-afternoon on Friday, November 16th. A small number of votes were added to the election results. Unofficially, this resulted in a net gain of 14 votes for Bill Nelson and 4 votes for Nikki Fried. The certified vote totals will be published after …

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Charlotte County Manual Vote Recount for US Senate Complete

The manual vote count in Charlotte County for the US Senate race wrapped up Friday afternoon with a net gain of 22 for Senator Bill Nelson and eight votes for Rick Scott. Observers from the Nelson and Scott campaigns were involved in the count along with staff from the County Supervisor of Elections office. The manual …

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Florida orders first statewide hand recounts ever, as legal fights continue

An unprecedented statewide hand recount is now underway in the Sunshine State, further extending a muddled, high stakes battle over every last vote in Florida’s crucial U.S. Senate race. But, barring a legal challenge, the race for governor is over. (Read more in

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UPDATE: Charlotte County SOE announces Manual Recount in US Senate & Ag. Secretary to begin Friday

Editor’s note: The following announcement has been posted on the Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections Web page.  UPDATE: a new version of the SOE’s announcement now contains information that ONLY the  US Senate and Agriculture Secretary races are to be recounted manually.  PUBLIC NOTICE OF RECOUNT BY THE CHARLOTTE COUNTY CANVASSING BOARD Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis …

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A machine can’t decide voter intent. In a manual recount, people must

For the first time in Florida, under intense public and media scrutiny, election officials must review hundreds of thousands of ballots containing undervotes and overvotes in two statewide races that were too close to call under state law. In a machine recount, machines do the work. In a manual recount, humans do the work. (Read …

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