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Tuesday was a very bad day for Rick Scott, Richard Corcoran, and Adam Putnam

A Democrat won a low-turnout special election in a non-presidential year, the kind of contest that Democrats normally lose. She did it despite Republicans fielding a good candidate. And despite Republicans having cast more votes prior to election day than Democrats (and usually casting more on election day)

Florida Senate race could be Trump test for Democrats

If Democrat Annette Taddeo wins with less money against the stronger organization of the Republican Party, it could be a sign of better times for Democrats. It would also test an anti-Trump strategy ahead of a 2018 election when the governor’s seat and all three Cabinet positions are open and Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson is up for re-election.

Joe Biden endorses Annette Taddeo

“I wanted to call to remind you that voting is underway for a very important special election in your community,” Biden says in the 50-second recording to voters, which is a political ad paid for by Taddeo’s campaign.

Donald Trump link may have helped swing St. Pete race

“The Democrats need to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and if they see this light, then they’re going to be energized. Their donors are going to be energized. The activists are going to be energized. And it’s going to create the perception that they’re on a roll…”

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