Florida Republicans’ Offers Of Prayers Invite Accusations Of Hypocrisy

Scott called for “thoughts and prayers” as news of the shooting emerged, and Rubio sent off a tweet calling the shooting an event “you pray never comes.” But both men have a history of coziness with gun advocates, receiving “A+” ratings and endorsements from the National Rifle Association ahead of their respective elections in 2014 and 2016.

If He Runs, What Will Scott’s Blind Trust Reveal?

A new report from the Tampa Bay Times reveals that if Rick Scott runs for Senate his blind trust will violate federal disclosure requirements and, (Scott) will be required to disclose substantially more information about their finances, revelations that could highlight conflicts of interest and how Scott …dramatically increase his personal wealth.

HB 7055 Is an Assault on Public Education

“Florida Republicans are once again showing that their own special interests come before the best interest of our children, and their future. This bill is a continued assault on our public education system that has been going on for nearly two decades with our Republican-controlled legislature. …”

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