Florida’s red tide takes a mounting toll. And it’s not just on the fish.

How much lake releases inflame or extend red tides or how nutrients from dying blue-green algae or dying fish feed tides is unclear. There have been years with heavy lake releases and no red tides. And vice versa. Getting answers, however, has been hindered by a dearth of funding for consistent research. (Read more in…

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Image Credits: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
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Charlotte County Commission Emergency Session on Red Tide

UPDATE – State of Emergency Declaration Passes Unanimously CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. (Aug. 14, 2018) – The Board of County Commissioners has voted unanimously to declare a local emergency in response to red tide. The vote is expected to pave the way for any potential emergency funding made available through state and federal sources. Text of…

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Florida Democratic Governor Candidates Push For Expanded Health Coverage

Democrats Andrew Gillum, Gwen Graham, Jeff Greene, Chris King and Philip Levine are united in their support for expanding Medicaid to the 700,000 Floridians who would qualify for the program if Gov. Rick Scott and the Republican-dominated Legislature had agreed to expand coverage to uninsured working adults. (Read more in news.wjct.org)

New data makes it clear: Nonvoters handed Trump the presidency

Most of our assessments of the electorate in 2016 are dependent on estimates. Polling before the election that suggested where people were leaning; exit polling after the fact that gives us some sense of who actually turned out. When more than 137 million people vote, understanding exactly who they were and why they voted the…

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WATCH VIDEO – Hands across the Water

Hundreds of people gathered at Englewood Beach Sunday to call attention to the disastrous red tide. Several Charlotte County Democrats were joined by activists from local chapters of Indivisible to urge local citizens to vote for candidates who will champion the environment. Watch the video to see the impact of this ecological nightmare and be inspired by…

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Save Our Water: Death March through downtown Fort Myers

Hundreds of people protesting Florida’s water quality turned out for the “Death March” for clean water. They will parade through downtown Fort Myers protesting red tide and toxic algae and also reminded people to get out and vote. (Read more in News-Press.com) Watch on WinkNews.com

WATCH: Ron DeSantis: Tallahassee Won’t Do Anything About Rising Sea Levels If I’m Governor

DeSantis Will Do Nothing to Support Communities Imacted by Rising Sea Levels At Wednesday’s Republican gubernatorial primary debate, Ron Desantis promised that if elected governor, state government would do nothing to address rising sea levels hurting communities across Florida. During a discussion about environmental issues, DeSantis said that the Democratic candidates think “they can stop…

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Reporters Wanted!

Several important demonstrations are being held this weekend to publicize concerns about the environment. CharlotteDems.com wants to share your pictures and your experiences.

Make Sure Your Vote Will Count

  Voting by mail for the upcoming August primary? Take these steps to be certain your vote is counted. In an election cycle where every single vote will matter, here are a few things you need to know if you have signed up to vote by mail in Charlotte County. Ballots Have Been Mailed. If…

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