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44 Former Senators Urge Senate to Guard Democracy

Forty-four former U.S. senators from both parties wrote in The Washington Post, urging current Senators to become “steadfast and zealous guardians of our democracy”. It begins: Dear Senate colleagues, As former members of the U.S. Senate, Democrats and Republicans, it is our shared view that we are entering a dangerous period, and we feel an …

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Santa’s Elves Prepare for Christmas Parade

They’ve wrapped the presents and made the preparations – Now join us for the parade! Charlotte Dems will march in style alongside our float in the Holiday Parade. The parade departs Charlotte Center for Performing Arts (CCPA) at noon, Sat. Dec. 8, and marches on Carmelita and Taylor streets to the Charlotte Harbor Events Center. We …

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2018 Manual Recount Completed

The manual recount of the 2018 General Election in Charlotte County was completed mid-afternoon on Friday, November 16th. A small number of votes were added to the election results. Unofficially, this resulted in a net gain of 14 votes for Bill Nelson and 4 votes for Nikki Fried. The certified vote totals will be published after …

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Machine Recount Completed

Wednesday the 14th, the Charlotte County Canvassing Board reconvened at 9 am to complete the machine recount of the 2018 election.  The third day of counting focused on write-in ballots for Governor and Senate. Supervisor Stamoulis opened the session by explaining that it was possible for a voter to write in a candidate’s name rather …

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Democrats Observe Charlotte County Machine Recount

Editor’s note: Charlotte County DEC member David Finster was an observer inside the ballot counting room at the Supervisor of Elections offices on Nov. 12th. Here is what David witnessed: A team of Charlotte County Democrats gathered at the Punta Gorda Historic Courthouse on Monday, November 12th to observe the machine recount of three statewide races …

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2018 Voting Machine Logic and Accuracy Testing

August 6th, 2018, the Canvassing Board of Charlotte County met to conduct the Logic and Accuracy (L&A) testing of our county voting machines. This is a mandated test by Florida Statute 101.5612 and the test was publicly announced as required. Notification was delivered to the Charlotte County Democrats and also posted on These tests …

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Gov. Rick Scott agrees to pay $700,000 to end public records lawsuit

Gov. Rick Scott has agreed to pay attorney Steven R. Andrews $700,000 in taxpayer money to settle seven public records lawsuits. The suits allege Gov. Scott and members of his staff violated state law by creating  private email accounts to withhold documents in violation of state public records laws. According to the Tampa Bay Times,  …

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