Author: Teresa Jenkins

Chair, Young Democrats’ Letter to the Editor

The Sun Newspaper recently published the following letter to the editor authored by Daniel Schwarz. There is a crisis at the border, but don’t be fooled by President Trump, it’s America’s fault, not the migrants. We treat people who are fleeing desperate circumstances like criminals just because they weren’t fortunate enough to be born in …

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Candlelight vigil in Punta Gorda to demand Freedom for Immigrant Children

On July 12, over 50 people attended Lights for Liberty sponsored by Indivisible Action SW Florida. The event was held at the United Congregational Church in Punta Gorda. Those in attendance called attention to the treatment of immigrant children in detention centers. The vigil resulted from reports of standing-room-only cells, infants going without diapers, and …

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Child detention is big business in the Trump administration

You’ve heard the phrase “follow the money.” It turns out that when it comes to child detention, the money trail is a foul one indeed. Companies and lobbyists stand to benefit. A number of companies have won lucrative contracts with the federal government to operate child detention shelters including the   Office of Refugee Resettlement …

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Amendment 4 Backers to Help Pay Fines and Fees

Days after Governor DeSantis signed a bill requiring all fines and restitution be paid before voting rights are restored t former felons, the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition launched a fund to help pay off outstanding fines and fees preventing thousands from voting. Former felons can apply for funding at Returning citizens with questions can call …

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Florida DEP Launches an Algal Bloom Dashboard

  The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has launched a new  interactive algal bloom dashboard . This dashboard is a visual enhancement to its existing sampling database. This data has been publicly available on DEP’s website, but previously did not allow the public to easily see where algal blooms were occurring in Florida. The algal bloom …

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Legislative Update

The following bills have passed both Chambers of the Florida Legislature and have been signed by the governor. HB 5 – Ballot Measures – places restrictions on the process for collecting signatures on petitions to amend the Florida constitution. HB 19 – Prescription Drug Importation Program – allows importation of lower cost prescription drugs. HB …

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Vigil for Immigrant Children 7/12/2019

Join your Democratic friends and neighbors for a “Lights for Liberty” event that seeks the reunification of separated families and the humane treatment of children seeking asylum. The event will be held on July 12 from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. at the Congregational United Church, 1201 Aqui Esta, Punta Gorda. The U.S. government under this administration …

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Know Your Rights During ICE Raids

The administration has, for now, reversed its directive for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to start massive arrests of migrant families that have received deportation orders.  Yet, this administration seems bound and determined to carry out these roundups in Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Denver, Houston, LA, Miami, New Orleans, NYC, San Francisco, DC, and Newark. While, thankfully, …

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Florida Proposed Constitutional Amendments-Update

Florida has passed a bill that will likely make it harder to put citizens’ initiatives on the ballot. The bill (HB 5)  places additional restrictions on gathering the hundreds of thousands of petition signatures needed to reach the ballot. Changes to petition gathering will occur on July 7, 2019. Therefore, please gather as many petitions …

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GOP Waging Assault Against Reproductive Health

We should not overlook the fact that the strict abortion laws recently passed in several states were the doing of the President and Vice President of the United States. We are witnessing the willful destruction of the institutions that are key to the health and well being of women and families and also to that …

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