Author: Teresa Jenkins

Big fat lie exposed: Florida legislature’s small government platflorm

by Teresa Jenkins, Charlotte County Democrats Vice Chair and Legislative Committe Chair The 2019 legislative session thankfully has ended. Rep Jose Oliva, the current speaker of the Florida House, got a lot of what he wanted. For years he said he would support the state’s right to preempt towns from making their own laws as …

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Legislature Weakens Amendment 4

Once again the Florida Legislature has earned a reputation of gutting citizen initiatives. This time, they have ignored the 5.2 million Floridians who voted for Amendment 4. The Florida Senate passed a measure that would require repayment of financial obligations before felons’ rights could be restored. The financial obligations would be considered completed if they are …

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Ban Assault Weapons NOW

This weekend there was another senseless attack, this time at a synagogue in California, with the weapon of terrorist choice, the AR-15. There is NO reason why this weapon is available for any purpose other than mass attacks. But our Florida legislature is controlled by special interests who will do everything in their power to …

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Nikki Fried: SB 168 is dangerous for immigrant communities

The article below was posted by Commissioner Fried on April 17, 2019 It’s no secret that I don’t look like, sound like, or walk in the same boots as Florida’s previous Commissioners of Agriculture. As the first woman elected to this position, and as a Democrat of Jewish faith, I grew up in urban South …

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Senate & House Calendars Week of April 22

There are two weeks remaining in the 2019 Florida State Legislature. Enough time to do immense harm. Listed are bills that must be stopped. HB refers to a House Bill. Call Rep. Michael Grant, 850-717-5075 SB refers to a Senate Bill. Call Sen. Bill Albritton, 863-534-0073, Call Sen. Joe Gruters, 850-487-5023 NO: HB 7093/SB 7030 …

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Armed Teachers in Florida: Irresponsible

The Florida Senate has moved forward with school security legislation (SB 7030) that includes a provision that would allow classroom teachers to carry weapons. For years, the leading champion for arming teachers was U.S. Rep. Greg Steube, a staunch guns right advocate. He sponsored a bill three years in a row when he was a …

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Monday, April 8, 4pm, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear SB 7086, that would undermine the implementation of Amendment 4. Call or email the Committee Chair and/or Vice Chair and say:” My name is _______ and I am a voter in Charlotte County. I am opposed to any bill that would undermine what the nearly 65% of …

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Tallahassee: Stay Out of Local Government’s Business

Every year the Florida Legislature puts forth bills with the goal of hamstringing local governments. From prohibiting local bans on plastic straws to preventing any new business regulation by a city or county, our lawmakers are filing bills intended to do nothing but prevent local control. The worst offender in 2019 is Port Charlotte Republican …

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Help Florida Expand Medicaid

You can help expand Medicaid in Florida and cover more low-income Floridians. Our Party is part of a grassroots efforts to put the question of Medicaid Expansion on the 2020 ballot. But we need your signature on the ballot petition.​ Download the Medicaid Amendment PDF. VERY IMPORTANT:  Print out the two pages back-to-back. Fill in your …

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