Author: Kay Blue

Planned Parenthood Speaks to DWC

Nan Morgan of Planned Parenthood Sarasota spoke at the July 8 meeting of the Democratic Women’s Club.  She informed members about the four main missions of the organization:  providing health services, advocating for reproductive rights, providing educational programs, and promoting research and the advancement of technology in reproductive health care along with understanding their implications. 

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A Glimpse into a Blue Future: Young Dem Attends Leadership Blue

Leadership Blue Convention was an eye opening opportunity. As I repeated several times throughout the weekend to anyone who bothered to listen, I knew older generations are much more likely to vote than younger generations, but it was a relief to see so many passionate Democrats who were not just of collegiate age.

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DWC Members Attend Education Summit

Florida Public Education: “We can agonize or organize.” Over 1300 participants, including teachers, parents, pastors, school board members, administrators, civic organizations, and legislators convened to form action strategies to support public education in Florida.

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DWC Plans Spring Membership Drive

The 2018 elections demonstrated that women are emerging as powerful political forces at all levels, both as activists and successful candidates.  The Democratic Women’s Club of Charlotte County wants to make sure our local women’s voices are heard in 2020 and beyond.  DWC members are preparing postcards and meeting with like-minded organizations to inform Democratic …

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