The Senate Education Committee filed a proposed bill that would allow arming Florida’s school teachers.

SPB 7030, if passed, would repeal the provision of the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program that exempts those individuals who exclusively perform duties as classroom teachers to be armed.

This bill is scheduled to be heard on Tuesday, February 12, at 4:00 p.m. 

Remind our politicians that schools are institutions of learning and that arming teachers would be a lesson in disaster. Asking teachers to wield deadly weapons is not what they were educated or hired to do.

It’s bad for teachers and bad for students. Call the Senators on the Committee:

  • Chair, Manny Diaz (R) 850-487-5036
  • Vice Chair, Bill Montford (D) 850-487-5003
  • Dennis Baxley, 850-487-5012
  • Lori Berman (D) 850-487-5031
  • Janet Cruz (D) 850-487-5018
  • Keith Perry (R) 850-487-5008
  • David Simmons (R) 850-487-5009
  • Kelli Stargel (R) 850-487-5022



Thanks for all that you do!



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