Month: April 2019

Nikki Fried: SB 168 is dangerous for immigrant communities

The article below was posted by Commissioner Fried on April 17, 2019 It’s no secret that I don’t look like, sound like, or walk in the same boots as Florida’s previous Commissioners of Agriculture. As the first woman elected to this position, and as a Democrat of Jewish faith, I grew up in urban South …

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Senate & House Calendars Week of April 22

There are two weeks remaining in the 2019 Florida State Legislature. Enough time to do immense harm. Listed are bills that must be stopped. HB refers to a House Bill. Call Rep. Michael Grant, 850-717-5075 SB refers to a Senate Bill. Call Sen. Bill Albritton, 863-534-0073, Call Sen. Joe Gruters, 850-487-5023 NO: HB 7093/SB 7030 …

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Election hackers didn’t hurt local results, officials say

Local election officials say they knew about breaches in voting software and data in the 2016 election, but there was no impact to Sarasota or Charlotte county results. Russian hackers gained access to at least one unnamed Florida county’s election computer network during the 2016 campaign, according to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report released Thursday. …

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Armed Teachers in Florida: Irresponsible

The Florida Senate has moved forward with school security legislation (SB 7030) that includes a provision that would allow classroom teachers to carry weapons. For years, the leading champion for arming teachers was U.S. Rep. Greg Steube, a staunch guns right advocate. He sponsored a bill three years in a row when he was a …

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MUELLER REPORT: Russian connections abound in Florida

Florida played a starring role in special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s final redacted report on Thursday with Russian-linked actors trying to use the Sunshine State to influence the 2016 election in favor of Republican candidate Donald Trump. There may be no legal basis to claim Trump colluded with the Russians, but one need only look at …

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Rizzo: Democrats working to protect Florida voting rights

In Florida, when we say every vote counts, we really mean it. Protecting the right to vote and increasing voter participation should have broad bipartisan support. Yet, a divide has emerged in Florida: on one side, Republican politicians are trying to make it harder for Floridians to vote; while Democrats are registering voters and working to protect …

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Mueller Report Bolsters Claims That Russia Penetrated Election Systems in Florida

Last summer, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) drew skepticism and ridicule from the media and Republicans when he claimed that Russian hackers had gained access to local election systems in his state. Eight months later, special counsel Robert Mueller’s report appears to back him up. (Read more in MUELLER REPORT: FBI THINKS RUSSIA GOT INTO …

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Anti-Immigrant Bills SB 168 and HB 527 Would Be a Disaster for Florida’s Businesses and Economy

This week, the anti-immigrant bill SB 168 sponsored by Republican Senator and Florida GOP Chair Joe Gruters, and the companion bill HB 527, were approved in party-line committee votes and are now headed to the House and Senate floor. In recent weeks, a broad coalition of business leaders, advocates, law enforcement, and elected officials have …

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