2018 Candidates


Andrew Gillum

Andrew Gillum is running for Governor to rebuild Florida into a state that works for all of us. He knows everyone deserves good-paying jobs so they can support their families. He wants to protect and expand Floridians’ access to quality, affordable healthcare, especially people with pre-existing conditions. He knows we need to strengthen our public schools and end the culture of high-stakes testing.

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Gwen Graham

Gwen Graham never expected to run for public office. After graduating from college and law school, she worked in the private sector as an attorney and then focused on starting a family and raising her three children. Gwen volunteered to serve on her children’s school advisory board and as PTA president, then worked for her local school district where she brought together the administration, teachers and parents to improve education.

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Jeff Greene

Jeff Greene is committed to creating an atmosphere that provides upward mobility for all, produces strong communities across our state and finds common-sense solutions to problems that have frustrated Florida for too long. After starting his successful business from nothing, Jeff is the only self-made candidate who has the kind of strong work ethic, initiative and independence necessary to go to Tallahassee and achieve victories for Florida’s working families. Jeff produces results over rhetoric.

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Chris King

“Too many Floridians have been left out and left behind, and that’s because our one-party state government can’t innovate. There is no incentive in Tallahassee to think big. I believe that it was traditional political experience that got us into this mess, and it will be fresh ideas and new leadership that will get us out of it. Join this campaign if you’re ready to be part of something big, bold, and better.” –Chris King

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Philip Levine

Philip Levine is running for Governor with a progressive vision to move Florida forward as a leader in the 21st century economy. He wants to revitalize our economy, envisioning a Florida with better-paying jobs, more competitive public schools, and an entrepreneurial approach to protecting our environment.

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Lundy Lundmark

“I am a Rotarian, I am an Eagle Scout, I am a Realtor, I am a Pilot, and I am first generation immigrant, I’m Lundy. I was born in Russia. Adopted by a loving American family at age 10. Grew up in Vero Beach, FL. Graduated from UCF with Business Financing emphasis in real estate. Retired around age 31. Before committing to this Governor journey, I was flying as much as possible accumulation hour and skill level to become an airline pilot. Please visit my site for my vision of Florida’s future.” — Lundy Lundmark

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John Wetherbee

“My name is John Wetherbee and I’m running for Governor of this lovely state of Florida. At present, there is a crisis in government, and I want to be part of the solution, which includes making Florida the best state in the nation.”

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