Month: November 2017

Sen. Nelson on Net Neutrality

The FCC is planning to end the internet’s Net Neutrality rules that protect consumers’ right to a truly free and open internet. This is a reckless plan that will fundamentally change the internet as we know it! I’m going to be doing everything I can to fight this plan and make sure the internet remains a level playing field for all.

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Learn to Identify Abuse and Reduce Violence!

Enough is Enough! Let’s Get to Work! While sexual assault, harassment, and power-based personal injustices are gaining overdue widespread media attention, each one of us can be part of the solution to eliminate violence in our community. Help eliminate violence in Charlotte County without changing your everyday living.

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John Morgan: I’m leaving Democratic party, Nelson should run for governor

John Morgan tossed a bomb Friday into the 2018 political landscape, saying in a post-Thanksgiving message he is leaving the Democratic Party, and that Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson should not run for re-election, but rather seek the governor’s mansion so he can leave a “legacy.”

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Florida’s small businesses support LGBTQ workers, customers

“Small business owners recognize that to find the most talented employees, they need to ensure their workplace has non-discrimination policies in place,” said Florida Competes spokesperson Christina Johnson. “Small businesses understand how discriminatory policies can adversely affect the business bottom line.

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