Month: September 2017

‘Where the hell is the cavalry?’ – Florida lawmakers call on military to engage more in Puerto Rico

Sen. Bill Nelson: 

“There is a crisis in Puerto Rico where food, fuel, water and medicine is sitting at the docks and not getting out to the remote parts of the island,” Nelson said. “The situation calls for an immediate response by the U.S. military to provide security and distribution to these remote areas.”

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Trump’s Katrina? Influx of Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria could tip Florida toward Democrats.

You could end up with a big advantage for Democrats in 2018 if they play it right. The Puerto Ricans would be coming here because they feel like Donald Trump left them high and dry. That won’t fade away. … It could be a very, very big deal.”

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The Facts: Scott Slashed Support For Opioid Treatment

In response to Governor Scott’s announcement today regarding Florida’s fight against the opioid crisis, Florida Democratic Party Spokesperson Johanna Cervone released the following statement:    “Governor Scott is putting on a show to make up for years of negligence and half-measures on Florida’s opioid crisis. On Scott’s watch, Florida has fallen to the bottom of …

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Tuesday was a very bad day for Rick Scott, Richard Corcoran, and Adam Putnam

A Democrat won a low-turnout special election in a non-presidential year, the kind of contest that Democrats normally lose. She did it despite Republicans fielding a good candidate. And despite Republicans having cast more votes prior to election day than Democrats (and usually casting more on election day)

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Florida Senate race could be Trump test for Democrats

If Democrat Annette Taddeo wins with less money against the stronger organization of the Republican Party, it could be a sign of better times for Democrats. It would also test an anti-Trump strategy ahead of a 2018 election when the governor’s seat and all three Cabinet positions are open and Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson is up for re-election.

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