Month: July 2017

The hypocrisy of Marco Rubio

Before the vote, Rubio persistently refused to meet with Floridians who wanted to tell him how the bill would hurt them. He was immune to warnings from the health insurance industry, the American Medical Association and other informed voices that the so-called “skinny repeal” bill was a dagger aimed at the heart of American health care.

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This is what you get when you elect Republicans

This has been quite a week in Washington, a week full of terror, intrigue, suspense, backstabbing and outright chaos. While we might not have been able to predict the particular contours of the catastrophe that complete GOP rule has been, we should have known it would turn out something like this. Guess what, America: This is what you get when you elect Republicans.

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With Obamacare repeal dead, Sen. Bill Nelson joins bipartisan health care effort

A chance encounter… last month in Maine may be the catalyst for a breakthrough on health care reform… Florida Democrat Bill Nelson and Maine Republican Susan Collins have been talking to each other about ways of finding a solution on an issue that has deeply divided Congress along party lines.

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Trump’s hardball tactics backfire as ‘skinny repeal’ goes down

A last-ditch effort to keep the Obamacare repeal push alive went down by a vote of 49 to 51 in the wee hours of Friday morning, with three GOP members breaking ranks: John McCain, Susan Collins and Murkowski. Mitch McConnell then pulled the legislation from consideration. “It is time to move on”

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President Trump’s budget would eliminate Florida’s Healthy Beaches bacteria monitoring

Time and money may be running out for the program that tells you if it’s safe to go to the beach. President Donald Trump’s proposed budget for 2018 would eliminate funding for Environmental Protection Agency grants that pay for the Florida Healthy Beaches program, which measures bacteria from fecal contamination at beaches and rivers.

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‘Sick to my stomach’ – Florida activists react to Trump’s transgender military ban

“I can only imagine being a transgender person in the military who yesterday was on the job doing their duty for their country and today is being dismissed and being ignored and marginalized by the President of the United States, our commander in chief”

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DNC on Trump banning transgender people from serving in the Military

This cowardly statement by Donald Trump shames our nation and its history of advancing diversity in our military – from the integration of African-Americans into the military by President Truman to President Obama’s ending of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – and it is an insult to the millions of Americans who have courageously served our nation.

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