Month: June 2017

Meet The Resistance

A constellation of nearly a dozen Indivisible groups stretching from Englewood and Venice to Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch are working to get better organized and maintain the energy that propelled them in the first few months after the president’s 2016 election.

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Trump Fails To Reach Beyond Base, As Independents’ Disapproval Grows

President Trump’s support has eroded with independent voters since he took office. Though he still clings to a loyal base of supporters, his overall disapproval among Americans has reached record highs, according to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll. (Read more at NPR.ORG)

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Tom Perez on GOP Health Care vote Delay

“This Republican repeal bill is unconscionably cruel and hurts women, children, older Americans and middle-class families. Our elected leaders should be doing everything possible to ensure that more people have access to affordable coverage – not less.”

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Column: Here’s what the Senate’s terrible health-care plan looks like to an emergency doctor

Florida is 48th in spending on Medicaid recipients. The state spent $4,893 per enrollee in 2011, way below the national average of $6,502. Consequently, in a capped program, we would start way back and fall further behind year after year.

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Darryl Paulson: Midterm elections boost Democratic chances

Democrats hope to pick up anywhere between one and four seats in Florida with the seat of retiring Republic Ileana Ros-Lehtinen their top priority. Other Republican targets include Carlos Curbelo, Mario Diaz-Balart and Brian Mast. A three-seat switch would give Democrats majority control of the Florida delegation.

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